The story


There is a story attached to every happening. Nobody knows. Nobody has told. Only the spectator knows. Some stories are felt. Some are experienced. Some are told. Some stories taste the fate of untold. But each story lives its full life. Not everything that is said makes up a story. And, that which remains unsaid mostly has a story attached to it. Most of the stories in the world are untold.

The sacredness of each story is its feel. It can begin with a line. Sometimes a word can contain a story.



Cuckoo- The lovers awaken to the fresh lease of life to its sonorous tune.



That man stood by the station. Not picking up any train. No one dropped him at the station. No goodbyes to wave. No wait to welcome anyone. Deep stare and few sighs and paused blink of eyes. Nobody noticed him. Yet a saga was waiting to be told.



The man returned from office. Loud house filled up family. Yet leaning on one corner of the window in the awe hours of the night he gazed at the moon ceaselessly. Do you need a story?



That uncapped pen fell from the desk and had its nib broken. Just a pen to a mere eyes yet a drop slipped away from the corner of writer’s eyes. Not for the loss of the pen but the story beneath the pen, of why he used that only pen to pour out his emotions.



Another man rushes to reach home in rain drenched twilight. He loved rains since days unknown. How his wildest fantasy is to have his first kiss with his inamorata on a rain drenched hour! Rain. Enough to describe his heart thundering story.



Oh, And how that tussle to contain her emotions to slip away from her eyes opened up an entire novel!



One solitaire moment penned a saga of how the bridge still awaits those two lovers to meet at the lovers’ point. That final turn between the two without a word being said- And you say, you still need a story?!!




Between you and me.


Safarnama -I

Each travel has a story. A story where we leave a mark of us and bring within  a new us. Like trees shade their leaves at the onset of seasonal change, travellers too shade a part or plant a part of their memoir in a new city/ country/ beach/ island/ any kind of expedition which there are in.


Kabhi kabhi begane safar mujhe chun lete hai

Jahan jindegi ki mod Badal jate hai

Maine aksar poocha apne aap se

Kaun si kashish hai har woh ek safar mein

To usne halki si muskurhat se batlaya

Safarnama tum kuch likh lo aur hum kuch gungunayenge

Ek sath kuch waqt aur chal lo

Kya pata humsafar mil jaye….


In nights when the bat begin it’s  flight and  there is eerie silence in the kingdom of heart,  you whisper in my ear that I have travelled all along but within you. I wake up in stoic silence, knowing not where shall I invade you ultimately, in that crossroad or near the church or within the remains of pyramids! But I know your city beckons me, for I and you to merge together, must rediscover our soul once again. So here I  begin my yet another expedition,  knowing not where art thou, but my love , one day the cities I have travelled will tell you my story and to that day I wait, you and I to be a forever story.

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Three lessons to learn

The nature gives enough lesson to learn.

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A lake teaaches balance and calmness. When we throw pebbles or stones into a river or a lake,there are ripples but for some time. After that the lake/river retains its calm composure and balance itself and stay still. 😊

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What do we see a moutain to be? No matter how many times the crust has busted or lava has come out, no matter how many earth quakes it has faced,  it only knows to rise and grow higher. 😊

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Lushes/grasses survive biggest of storms whereas deep rooted, strong, firm trees of many years fall down. Reason is when the mightiest storm begins it’s conquer, The grasses gently and gracefully bow down and the storm touches their heads and passes away.  What proves death for giant trees shower blessings on green lushes . 😊

Our lives can be so easy the Moment we learn from them.

-Krishna Panda 😊

#110 Ah Jagannath!


Such is Your Prowess, DEAR JAGANNATH

You can bring anyone on their knees,

that day when I stood on street awaiting you

all these eyes witnessed was but vastness, grand and  audacity.

What is me, I questioned myself

not who am I ,

the grandeur with which you marched towards me

I had nothing left of me but to surrender.


Last night this little child within me,

which the world calls as heart betrayed me.

This heart always drags me towards you with

Manifold wishes, dreams, desires and prayers.

The moment you started walking towards me,

It ditched me and left me roofless!


As usual, unable to learn the art of speaking,

I fumbled when you came nearer,

Literally shaking me and my existence,

Your smile and my skipping heartbeats,

Your hypnotising eyes and my gushing nerve wrecking tears

Your advents and my surrender on knees

Your grand sumptuous demeanour and my so ordinary existence

The voice within said, “raise your hands, lower your head,

The King of Kings is here,”

I could hear the echo of words of Maa,

Raise your hands and say,

“God, this life is given by you,

What more can I offer to you,

here I offer myself at your feet,

Accept me, I offer myself to you.”


As I whispered these words to you,

I was drawn towards your chariot,

And there the miracle just happened,

I touched you

I touched you

And I am born new

Ah Jagannath!

Jai Jagannath!

Now this life is your given one, My Lord

Now with each step I take

Life will be a journey back to you.

Jai jagannath!

– -Krishna Panda



#109 Dreamer


A leaf in the lane of memory yard
made its way to her
and a gala of yellow desires happened 
at the flip side of life..
A dreamer she is
evergreen as coniferous
dancing bare foot
in the wilderness of life
wearing the crown of crimson hopes…
So what the dawn is transient
morning sun is about to rise
the day is about to begin
she waves it all with a smile
and return backs to reality
with a promise in her heart
to make her wishes, desires and dreams
a forever affair.

-Krishna Panda

FEB 20,2017

#108 Sawan

Aaj sard hawayein gaa rahi hai

zindegi jeene ki aas jaga rahi hai


mehek raha hai mann ka angan

jhoom utha hai yeh neela gagan


charo taraf mei chayi haryali

jane kaisi hai mousam nirali


mere dil bata kya hai yeh silsile

mit rahe hai dil ke har faasle


sawan ka yun bin garajke barasna

khusiyon ka yun dastak dena


kehta hai indradhanush mei odhkar suraj

uthalo zindegi ka maza tum aise hi har roz


 -Krishna Panda
August 11 2010


#107 Beau


For tomorrow, I hold a dream of you 
Within a shell 
Where lies a pearl of my lone desire 
In the ocean bed of my years of waiting 
What are you 
Where are you
Know not I
In disguise of a seagull or seahorse or mermaid or messanger
Or that Dark Knight to lift me above my dreams and deliriums
Who so ever you are
Far, near,own or stranger
But familiar your wait seems to be
Do Appear in my life in the wake of the dawn
To save these eyes from losing yet another pearl.
Come,hold my hand, gather my dreams
Take me with you
To help you discover that shell.
You see, trust me when I say
love stories have destiny to be met
I and you are meant to make it happen
So come my love
ascend to my heart
Before the dawn lights the sun
From the hills behind my abode.
-Krishna Panda



  1. Hello Readers,

Thank you so very very much for being in my blogging journey. I have completed two years of my blogging today and celebrating my second anniversary of my blog. To be very honest from core of my heart This journey would not have been possible without your Love,support and patience of reading my words. I feel lucky and privileged of receiving some time of your precious life while you were reading my blog. My best wishes and prayers are always with you and yes,I am indebted to all of you for making my blog stats to near about 2000.

I have shared a piece of life with you all in this blog. Poetry is a by product of silent hours, the echo of my heart  , a flow of my sentiments, sometimes vivid,  At most times hazy, sometimes a caricature of imagination,  At times a natural flow of feelings. Stories penned by me were often my observations about life,society and nuances of life. Photography was a way I saw life from the lenses of my heart. Whatever they are they were penned from the ink of my heart on the sheets of my soul through the nib of #Trulyme to make an honest effort to reach out to my readers so that they can see a glimpse of themselves in my writings. Yes,My pennings are mostly about you, My dear readers and rarely about me. I always write keeping in mind that my words should connect my readers’ unsaid feelings and unspoken words. This is the reason why I mostly write about emotions, feelings, sentiments and love without living any of them. I write because some he or she or they who read me will feel warmth in heart and visit memorabilia or fall in love with love or settle their past or design their future reading my un-synthesized words drenched in immaculate pristine love.

So thank you once again my dear readers for being all that. Together we have made this journey and I promise this amateur scribbler will come up with better writes for you all and in God’s glory.

One more event. Today I pulled the car of greatest of Gods Lord Jagannath. Oh!What a feeling it is. Still not able to sink in. Everything washed off. I am born new once again in this life. Now Lord Jagannath will take my care. Placed myself in your feet, dearest  God. Do whatever you want of me.

Sharing with you all some snaps from my diary of memories in my this memorable three days journey to paradise called Puri.

Yes, don’t expect any luxury or classy stuffs in my blog.I am a middle class girl who loves to show and see unusual , common and everyday affairs of life. Photography for me is art in common things with deep thoughts depicting life .

So presenting you all- watch out-Paradise of God where nothing belong to devotees except that the devotee only belongs to the Lord’s feet.


It has to be Hanuman , the Supreme Sevak at God’s service first. So here he is!


Maa Subhadra in between two brothers 🙂 


Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare, Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare


Very very yummy I must mention


Such a tiny baby steel cup it was…literally the size of my fingers 🙂 


The Rudraksh. Even He was dancing in God’s glory with the devotees!


God I am waiting for you, when will you come to me, whole my life I walked your path, it’s time you cross my heart and stay here forever. Make me yours, nothing else do I desire in this lifetime.


Ocean of devotees waiting to see the glimpse of Rajadhiraj. Today its the holy union of The Greatest Of Kings with His Subjects. 


Left everything God and standing at your doorstep.


O God, slowly as you ascend to your throne

This heart stands dumbfounded since a child I was

Tears gushing from heart I know not why

The soul walks in your direction

And all I could make sense is that

life is But just an illusion created by birth

The truth being the path is always so clear from me to you….

The night has always been silent

Tonight it dances

The rain showers blossoms

And the aura is filled with incense fragrance

I sit in a balcony wondering where it all began

This affair between you and me

That so soft is your advent into my moments of silence

That nothing lies hidden within me….

So here I surrender, the greatest of Lords, the Rajadhiraj, the rider of chariot of life and death

The wholesome me at your feet

Accept me as your dust, O Lord,

For when the Greatest of Kings turns to be your sweeper in your car festival

I am just so miniscule in your creation.

The bhajans are sensational

The kirtans are echoing

Gods, Goddesses,  Angels,Messengers, Sun,moon, rains, the entire  universe are in your service singing your glory,O Lord,

For what more can I say

This heart skips too fast whenever I hold my uncapped pen,

Whole my life I have penned to you

Penned in your glory,In your longing, As prayers,poetry,rendition et al,

Accept Me, O God

Accept me, O lord ,

Accept My only wish, My only love,

The last destination of my life be in your paradise ,

for When I turn to ashes

You shall place my soul as a blossom offered at your feet.

Nothing else do I desire

Nothing else do I want in this lifetime.


Ah! No words can make way, my Lords. I stand speechless at the beauty of the creator.



Maa Subhadra



Jai Jagannath!


Wheels of life



A  click of my lifetime. My Four Living Gods, Lord Jagannath, Maa Subhadra, Lord Balabhadra and joining hands my Father. 🙂

#104 Nanhi Pari ki zindegi

Penned this way back 2010 …my sister was not even married. Now when I read this poem I think she is exactly the girl of my dreams- My Girl- My Eyes- My Naina. For me Love symbolizes my girl. Massi loves you so much, Naina  🙂


Suraj ki pehli kiran jab chhute hai mujhe

ankh meri khul jati hai

 aur mann khushi se jhoom uthta hai

haseen dunya ko dekh kar



Khikhilata hai mann mera

 jab kano mei gunjte hai

koyal ki surili sur

aur maa ki rumjhum payalo ki taal.


Madhosh ho jane ko jee chahta hai

sham ki kasti mei  sagar ki leheron ko sunn kar

Nanhi othon se insano ki bhasa bolne mei to nakaam hoti hun,

par pyar ki bhasa ankhon se bayan kar leti hun mei.



Chhote paon se jab chalne ki koshish karti hun

to dil mei umang bhar jata hai

Gir padti hun phir chalti hun

par ruk nehi jati  kabhi raste mei.


Neeli ghaneri raat mei timtimati taron ke beech

chand ka nazara dikhane le chalte hai

papa mujhe apne sang chhat par.

Theeturti thand mei jab neend mujhe lagti hai

maa sunati hai lori apni god mei sula kar.


Ab tum hi kaho mere yaar kyun na kahun mei

yeh zindegi bahut hi khoobsoorat hai?

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